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The "Opal" 360° Digital Display featuring
Augmented Reality & Touch Integration





What is it ?

Out-of-home (OOH) refers to dynamic media distributed across place-based networks in venues including, but not limited to: cafes, bars, restaurants, health clubs, colleges, arenas, gas stations, convenience stores, barber shops, airports and public spaces. PQ Media defines OOH by two major platforms, digital place-based networks (DPN) and digital billboards & signage (DBB); OOH networks typically feature independently addressable screens, kiosks, jukeboxes etc. OOH media benefits location owners and advertisers alike in being able to engage customers and/or audiences and extend the reach and effectiveness of marketing messages. It is also referred to as digital signage.

Product Design

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Home Entertainment System

  • 10" Digital Display

  • 360° 

  • Print

  • Gaming

  • Alexa

  • IoT

  • Security

  • Chat (Skype)

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